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Nurturing mud crab success,
from hatchery to harvest

Mud crabs,
Scylla species

Scylla Mud Crab Consultancy supports the sustainable farming and fisheries management of all four species of mud crab through our fully integrated professional consultancy services, technological innovation, system design, engineering and a deep understanding of mud crab biology, physiology and value chains.

Scylla Mud Crab Consultancy Left Claw
Scylla Mud Crab Consultancy Right Claw

We are the leading international consultancy group for mud crabs

We provide comprehensive consultancy services to the mud crab farming sector. We are the international leaders in mud crab farming systems, from RAS mud crab hatcheries to the design of complete soft-shell and hard-shell farming systems.

Scylla and its team of associates have extensive experience in mud crab fisheries management and can provide independent advice and assistance to fishers, government agencies and NGOs with regard to sustainable fisheries management, conservation and industry development.

Scylla value proposition

Mud crab hatchery development

Soft shell mud crab facilities (SSC)

Mud crab fishery management

Nursery and farm development

Expert advice and engineering solutions to retrofit an existing hatchery, or design new facilities. Our Scylla 200® mud crab hatchery, incorporating RAS technology, is modular & can be scaled & configured to meet your requirements.

Design & develop new SSC ‘bridge’ systems. Critically review existing SSC production facilities, supply chains & water management to improve key production parameters & reduce mortality.

Our team can provide comprehensive reviews of, or develop mud crab fisheries management plans, establish monitoring systems for Fisheries agencies and detail integrated research programs to underpin the sustainability of mud crab fisheries.

Systems design and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) developed for reliable mud crab nursery and farming operations for both hard shell & soft shell mud crab farming ventures.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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