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FloNergia - Final - Option B.png

Our environmental sustainability initiative

It is well documented that mud crab populations have been over-fished and their natural habitat, mangrove forests greatly reduced and degraded in many countries.

Scylla is committed to supporting both sustainable farming, managed mud crab fisheries and environmental conservation.


To reduce the carbon footprint of water based industries, Scylla is supporting the distribution of disruptive technologies such as Flonergia's novel air-lift pumps


Waste reduction & energy conservation.

We will partner with our clients to minimise waste in their businesses. We are committed to better manage their operations through the adoption of new and disruptive technologies and engineering solutions that reduce energy consumption and maximise productivity.

Aeration and pumping are two significant costs in most water based industries. Working with FloNergia and Singapore Aqua we can design facilities, custom made to meet your needs.

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