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Dedicated to farming & fisheries of mud crabs, Scylla sp.

There are 4 species of mud crab, Scylla serrata, Scylla olivacea, Scylla paramamosain and Scylla tranquebarica. Mud crab populations have been over-fished and their natural habitat, mangrove forests, greatly reduced and degraded in many countries. Scylla, supports the sustainable farming and fisheries management of all species of mud crab through our fully integrated professional consultancy services, technological innovation, system design, engineering and a deep understanding of mud crab biology, physiology and value chains.


Scylla is the go to mud crab Aquaculture Consultancy group

Our waste reduction & environmental sustainability initiative

Capture-based mud crab aquaculture, where multiple life stages of mud crabs are taken from the wild, without management, are demonstrably unsustainable. Transition to a hatchery-based mud crab farming sector is both urgent and inevitable, to underpin the long-term resilience of the industry.

Sorted mud crabs, deceased from poor fishing practices and over-crowding. Picture taken in Cambodia.

Within the capture-based mud crab farming sector, significant conservation of wild stock can be achieved through improved harvesting, transportation and farming practices, which can dramatically reduce mortalities throughout the value chain. Scylla is committed to supporting and continuing to improve best management practices for mud crab farming and fisheries, partnering with both our private sector, Government and other clients.

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