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Our customer services include comprehensive support to farming, fishing, post-harvest, trading and logistic components of mud crab value chains. We work in partnership with business owners to effectively and efficiently produce quality products, whilst reducing waste and maximising profits. Assistance is also provided to Government agencies, NGOs and regional organisations to support the sustainability of mud crab farming and mud crab fisheries management.

Mud crab hatchery development

Expert advice and engineering solutions to retrofit an existing hatchery, or design new facilities. Our Scylla 200® mud crab hatchery, incorporating RAS technology, is modular & can be scaled & configured to meet your requirements.

Crablets microscope

Soft shell mud crab facilities

Design & develop new soft shell crab ‘bridge’ systems. Critically review existing SSC production facilities, supply chains & water management to improve key production parameters & reduce mortalities.

Soft shell crab ponds

Mud crab fishery management

Our team can provide comprehensive reviews of, or develop mud crab fisheries management plans, establish monitoring systems for Fisheries agencies and detail integrated research programs to underpin the sustainability of mud crab fisheries.

Mud crab in hand

Holding facilities and logistics

Guidance and bespoke engineered advice to keep your crabs happy and healthy on farm, in transit and in wholesale or retail settings, to maximise product quality & minimise waste.

Mud crab in net


Targeted local & international market research & advice.

Cooked Mud crab

Feasibility studies
& business plans

Provision of professional pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, to ensure you venture into your mud crab business is with a clear understanding of the potential risks, rewards and options.  Guidance can be provided on the development of your business plan to streamline start-up & assist in fundraising. Advice to meet Government regulations & best practice environmental management also available.

Packed Mud crabs

Training & HR

Focused training and provision of experienced mud crab technical staff, for short or long-term deployment available.

Crab camp

Post harvest processing

Provide soft shell or hard shell crab post-harvest & packing options to meet your customers’ needs, international standards, HACCP, & other audited food safety programs. Includes staff training.

Packing facility

Nursery and farm development

Systems design and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) developed for reliable mud crab nursery and farming operations for both hard shell & soft shell mud crab farming ventures.

Hatchery under construction

Siting your mud crab facilities

Finding a home for your farm can be challenging. We can support & guide you to find a suitable site for your hatchery, farm, or processing & packing facility. GIS (Geographic Information System) tools can be used to fast-track site selection. (Image by Myckle Tibubos)

Mud crab posing for shoot
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