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Case studies

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Designed, constructed, commissioned, and operated a mud crab hatchery in Kosrae, Micronesia. This included farming of mud crabs in mangrove pens and ponds. Included training in post-harvest and packing of crabs and training of local staff in mud crab hatchery and nursery technology.

Mud crab company.jpeg

Undertook a feasibility study to establish a mud crab farm. Co-founded and ran a business that included design and operation of a mud crab hatchery and renovation of a farm for pond culture of mud crabs. Successfully marketed crabs to tourist resorts and the foodservice sector in Fiji.

Tanzania group pic.jpeg
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Led a team of specialists that scoped the need for and then designed a
multi-species hatchery complex in Zanzibar that included mud crab, milkfish, and sea cucumber components.


Following the completion of a feasibility study, modified a prawn hatchery into a mud crab hatchery, renovated a run-down prawn farm for crab and prawn farming, and established a soft-shell farming system based on Myanmar-style soft-shell farming system. Operated hatchery and farm as CEO for approximately 3 years.


Reviewed the existing mud crab industry in the country and identified
opportunities to establish a sustainable hatchery based mud crab industry in the country, to replace the existing industry based on harvesting wild mud crabs of all sizes that have resulted in significant over-fishing.

Vietnam crab.jpeg
Philippines and Vietnam

Reviewed Australian Government investment in mud crab aquaculture
technology transfer, research, and development.

fao booklet.JPG

Authored a manual on mud crab aquaculture for the FAO of the United Nations.

Singapore market testing.jpeg

Undertook market research on the demand for mud crabs in the Singapore market.

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