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Colin Shelley


About Scylla


Scylla was founded by Dr Colin Shelley, an internationally recognised expert in mud crab aquaculture, with over 30 years of experience in the sector. Having led mud crab R&D in Australia to commercialise hatchery and nursery technology, together with Scylla’s associates, the group has developed mud crab enterprises in the Pacific, Asia and Africa, working with a variety of commercial partners and international organisations. Scylla, through virtual networks, collaborates with a range of experts in different fields (aquaculture engineering, post-harvest, marketing, nutrition, aquaculture, farm management and systems design) to provide a comprehensive and trusted service to clients in mud crab aquaculture. As an organisation it is expanding into the growing field of Precision Aquaculture, through partnerships and distribution of goods and services. In addition Scylla works with clients in tropical aquaculture development, strategy and policy development. It also provides specialist consultancy  for other tropical aquaculture species, including barramundi.

Crabs on Ice

Our clients

Consultancy services have been delivered in countries including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Cook Islands, Fiji, Indonesia, Kenya, Micronesia, New Caledonia, Philippines, Malaysia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Myanmar, Singapore, Tanzania, Tonga and Vietnam, consulting for various international organisations such as the FAO, WorldFish, the Wildlife Conservation Society, ACIAR and private sector businesses.

Scylla  is the new brand for services provided by YH & CC Shelley Pty Ltd to the mud crab farming, fisheries, wholesale and retail sectors, as well as water based industry sectors. In the past it also operated under the brand Shelley AFS.

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