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Texchem, Myanmar

Support the development and modernization of their barramundi hatchery and farming
operation, which included the first shipment of fingerlings from Australia, construction of
expanded barramundi nursery facilities, establishing farm management software and
organising some R&D on the microbiome of mud crab nursery and pond systems in partnership with Kytos. Reviewed and examined opportunities to improve the efficiency and productivity of their soft shell mud crab farming operation and that of their many contract farmers. This included considerations of their raw material supply value chain, logistics, pond design, feeding strategy and operation.


CrabsAlive Ltd, Kenya

Led the development and re-design of CrabsAlive mud crab hatchery and operating procedures.
This has resulted in the first hatchery produced mud crabs in Kenya, which to the best of our knowledge, is also a first for Africa. Scylla also provided one of its trained technicians to lead its hatchery team.

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FAO expert workshop on mud crab aquaculture

Working with the FAO and a small steering committee, organised and ran a workshop in Singapore in late 2023, bringing together over 20 experts from 12 mud crab producing countries to review both the status and future needs of the sector. The proceedings will be published in 2024.


Agrata Group

Joined the Agrata Group in constructing the first industrial scale mud crab hatchery, incorporating RAS technology into both its larval rearing and broodstock holding operations, using the Scylla 200 design concept from Scylla mud crab consultancy. Continuing to support their operations and development, together with their commercial partners.


UNDP Bangladesh

Reviewed a small mud crab aquaculture research project undertaken with funding from UNDP. In addition provided guidelines for sustainable development of mud crab farming in Bangladesh, including training and industry development.


FAO manual

Commissioned to produce the 2nd Edition of FAO’s mud crab farming manual. This will be produced in collaboration with a few other mud crab hatchery and farming experts. (Image by Myckle Tibubos).

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